Liberty Meetings this week | May 18, 2015

Western Hills Community Action When: Monday,  May 18th from 7-8:30PM Where: Christ Fellowship Church (Formerly Joy Church) 5000 North Bend Road This meeting will be town hall with two State […]

Give Input on Development of Johnson Hills Park on Sat 4/25 from 9-11 a.m.

Give Input on Development of JOHNSON HILLS PARK – Open House Saturday 4/25 from 9-11 a.m.  Give your input and ask questions.  How will a proposed tax levy possibly be spent to develop this Anderson Township Park?

See all of the Anderson Township Parks here:

We hope to see you there!

Give Input on Development of Johnson Hills Park on Sat 4/25 from 9-11 a.m.

Give Input on Development of JOHNSON HILLS PARK – Open House Saturday 4/25 from 9-11 a.m.   Be there and share your thoughts and ask questions about the “Phase 1″  plans and beyond.  How will a proposed tax levy possibly be used for development of this space?



Thank you to the Five Republicans who Voted NO on Obamacare

Last night the Republican controlled Ohio House voted for the largest budget in Ohio history, $131.6 billion.   That budget cements Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in our state which will eventually put our state’s budget in peril. Five Republicans stood up … Continue reading

Juilfs park meeting tonight – Emergency!!

The park board is meeting tonight at 6 pm to put a levy on the ballot to purchase ALL of Beech Acres. If you have feelings about this issue and would like them to know how you may feel, please be at Julifs park at 6 pm and let them know how you feel!!! Short notice to be sure. See you there.

Watch videos and see pictures from Tax Day 2015

Watch the entire Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day 2015.  Below are pictures, a recap and links to the sponsors and speakers at the event.  Thanks to everyone who attended. Brian Thomas was master of ceremonies, and did a great job … Continue reading

Park District withdraws request to put levy on ballot

If you were planning on coming to tomorrow nights meeting regarding Park levy, hold off for now. The district has withdrawn its request to present and request the trustees approval of a levy on the ballot. So, what does this mean? The skinny version is that the State has ruled that since the park district owns land outside the township, they have the authority to put this on the ballot themselves, without permission of the trustees. So, we need to apply pressure to the park district board as to our opposition. If you would like to see who is on this board go here: . So, don’t go to trustee meeting for this issue, there will be more to come…..

Stop the Plunder in the Park!! Attend Trustee Meeting 4/16 at 6 pm

“We might as well do it for the larger amount and get what we want done if it passes,” (Anderson Twp. Park Board Commissioner) Herking said in an article appearing in the Community Press on April 10, 2015. The same article quoted him saying,  “Board member Rob Herking said that he hates taxes.”

Democrats, Republicans and Independents agree:  Paying $25 million for a $9 million dollar property is senseless. Who would do that?!? Look at the Park Board’s own levy summary~

Capital Improvements 2015 04082015 – Page 1-2

Marked in red on the above levy summary are the 6 possible levies the Park Board submitted, ALL BRINGING IN MORE than the purchase and renovation costs needed:

.6  mills / 15 years / Generates $11,022,900
.7  mills / 15 years / Generates $12,860,055
.7  mills / 15 years / Generates $17,146,740
.8  mills / 20 years / Generates $19,596,280
.9  mills / 20 years / Generates $22,045,800
1.0 mills / 20 years / Generates $24,495,340

We must ask, “Why is the Anderson Park Board presenting a 1.0 mil property tax levy for 20 years as a necessary expenditure to purchase property that costs only $8,770,006 to purchase AND renovate according to their data?”   The levy they plan to request is a subterfuge to raise an additional $13 million for their “wish list” of projects, both for Beech Acres and the other parks.

Anderson residents have an opportunity to express concerns about the amount of the proposed levy on THURSDAY, APRIL 16 AT 6 PM at the Anderson Township Trustee Meeting, 7850 Five Mile Road.


 monopoly brokeWhy is the Anderson Park Board asking taxpayers to  cough-up $25 Million to purchase and renovate property costing less than $9 Million???  


Tax Day is April 15.                                                                                                         Last Fall Anderson Twp. passed a new school bond levy, and an operational levy may be coming.                                                                                                        Hamilton County sales tax just went up last week. 

Now, Anderson Park Board has submitted a tax levy proposal to the Anderson Trustees for approval for the fall 2015 ballot to buy Beech Acres and the RecPlex.

Unless we turn out to oppose this levy, the Park Board will reap a windfall of money beyond the purchase price of the Beech Acres RecPlex.

 Let your voice be heard!                                                                                        PLEASE ATTEND!  THURSDAY, APRIL 16 AT 6 P.M.                           ANDERSON TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE MEETING                                                    7850 FIVE MILE ROAD                                                                                            BRING YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORS                                                         WEAR A WHITE T-SHIRT – SHARPIE IT WITH THE WORD “NO”

 According to the Park Board, the purchase price of the Beech Acres RecPlex property is $5,400,000.                                                                                                   The Park Board wants to do renovations to the property, adding another $3,370,000.                                                                                                                        For a total purchase/renovation price tag of $8,770,000. 

The Park Board is asking YOU for a NEW TAX LEVY FOR 20 YEARS that will generate a whopping $24,495,000! 

The Anderson Park Board is COUNTING ON YOU STAYING HOME.  They do not think that you are paying attention to the fact that the Anderson Park Board asking taxpayers to pass a levy for $25 Million to purchase and renovate property costing less than $9 Million!!!  This tax levy is a disguise for raising an additional $16,000,000 for their profit. 

Your attendance can STOP THIS PLUNDER IN THE PARKS!!


Do we really need more park land?

We have all heard rumors of what may be coming to Beech Acres, and some of us have even received survey phone calls, but the main question relevant to the discussion is do we really need more park land? I have been an Anderson resident for many years and take great pride in our parks, but we truly have enough. You lump in the county parks and it could be argued, we have too much. The current request from the parks department to not only purchase Beech Acres, but also to raise an additional 20 million is a bridge way too far. I am just now adjusting to the new school levy and here comes the parks department with their hands out? I am sorry this is too much. I understand wanting to protect the Rec plex and an the township has offered a plan to do just that. This plan seems to have been rejected by the parks department. If you want to comment on this, please consider coming to the April 16th Trustee meeting and speak out at public comments portion. I am planning on telling the parks board what I think of this plan to basically spend all the money they hope to raise on one park and facility, and ignore all the other parks that are in different stages of development. This is simply too much.