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angry_mobLast week the Ohio GOP held elections for the new state party leadership that pitted the grassroots liberty movement against the crony establishment. Read a firsthand account of the proceedings from Scott Nichols, State Central Committee Member, 14th District   In this article (Click Here), you will find another link that lists who voted for Matt Borges (or abstained) and rejected the Tea Party message.  


Ohioans for Workplace Freedom

Help Make Ohio a Right To Work State


Primary Election Day, May 7th, is quickly approaching! From past experience, we know that polling locations on election day are a goldmine for easy signatures. Experience and recent events have also taught us that the Republican majority legislature in Columbus, as well as our Republican Governor, refuses to touch this subject. 

Just last week, the election of Matt Borges as State Party Chairman, has reinforced our understanding that the Ohio Republican Party is NOT about POLICY. The only way Ohio will become a Right to Work State is if “We the People” make it happen. 

Please contact if you are able to give a few hours on election day, May 7th, to help gather signatures at polling locations. We will provide the petitions, as well as easy instructions (for those who have never collected signatures before). 

Click here to learn more about this ballot initiative in Ohio. Also, click here to view an excellent power point on the benefits of Ohio becoming a right to work state.    

In Liberty,
The Anderson Tea Party Team

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