Call Governor Kasich and ask if he will attend a showing…..

Call Governor Kasich about the “Common Core Grand Illusion law HB487” and invite him to view “We Will Not Conform” 7/22 AND 7/29 in a local theater
Anderson Tea Party Friends,
#1. Regarding his signing into law of token, feel-good legislation House Bill 487, rather than Full Repeal legislation, please ask any of these questions:
  • Did HB487 Fully Repeal Common Core academic content standards or are Common Core academic content standards still in place?
  • Is he aware that academic content standards drive assessments, which drive curricula?
  • Does he realize that the content is what needs to be removed, anything short of fully repealing Common Core academic content standards is insufficient?
  • Does he not understand that Ohioans want an organic development of our own state standards, only that will relieve Ohioans from the one-size-fits all, top-down dictates already controlling every classroom in Ohio ?
  • Is it as obvious to him as it is to voters that HB487’s delaying enforcement of the Common Core Assessments only ensures their implementation, and merely gives a waiver of protection to the adults (district teachers and superintendent, as well as public officials with imminent 2014 elections)?   Where is the child’s waiver? Is HB487 really “Every Child Left Behind?”
  • Ask him if he is aware that Common Core is designed to develop “human capital” for a global economy – “human capital” is the term the federal/state stakeholders (corporatists and politicians) use to describe our children. Ask the Governor if he deems his child to be “human capital?”
  • “Why do your girls not attend public school?”
#2. Invite him to attend “WE WILL NOT CONFORM,” to be simulcast in nearly 700 theaters on 7/22/14 (repeated on 7/29/14), exposing the 50 year history of the $tealthy federal takeover of the American education system, with the capstone being the Common Core $tandards Initiative. A quick Google search of “WE WILL NOT CONFORM” will direct him to tickets and theaters.
#3. You may remind Governor Kasich that you know what an “undervote” means, and that there is an election in November, 2014. Remind him that we get Medicaid expansion, Common Core & crony capitalism if he wins, and Medicaid expansion, Common Core & crony capitalism if he loses. He represents all Ohioans, and all Ohioans deserve better than to live off the federal government.
Thank you for calling today 614-466-3555 and share the results of your call with us at .
P.S. Governor Kasich’s boilerplate response when asked to fully repeal Common Core is decoded in [box brackets] below:
“Recently I signed into law House Bill 487 to make sure that Ohio’s local schools [read “human capital factories”] and parents [read “human capital producers”]-not the federal government-stays in charge of our students’ [“human capital’s”] educations [read “programming”]. This law ensures that local schools [“human capital factories”] with input from parents [“human capital producers”] call the shots in developing the curricula that work best in their communities, as well as in selecting textbooks, writing lesson plans, choosing literary texts, and making decisions about other instructional materials. House Bill 487 also makes sure that Ohio will not follow any learning standards dictated by the federal government and reaffirms and strengthens existing state laws and rules to protect student privacy and their personal education information.”
“Ohio can’t rush new learning standards nor the consequences of failing to meet them, which is why it pauses for one year certain impacts on teacher [read “human capital programmers”] evaluations and on school report cards [read “delay is needed until after the gubernatorial election”]. Accountability is critical to continued improvement, but we also have to make sure we’re taking enough time to get things right.”
Anderson TEA Party Team 

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