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Thank you President Trump

Thank you President Trump. For decades,  the liberal left media and Socialist / Communist Democrat party have attacked every Republican in office.  Sadly, the Republicans response to these continued attacks has been to cower, hide,  and capitulate to whatever the Liberals and Democrats want. President Trump is the first Republican to fight back.  He’s the first Republican to tell the leftist, fake Media and the Socialist / Communist Democrat to go pound sand. Thank You […]


REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS OF OHIO (RLCOH) TAKES STAND ON SANCTUARY CITY TREND IN OHIO AND HOUSE BILL 179 SEEKING REMEDY (Columbus, Ohio) June 9, 2017: This week, Columbus became the latest Ohio city making it illegal to assist federal law enforcement in administering immigration law.  While refusing to use the term “Sanctuary City,” Columbus nonetheless joined Cincinnati, Dayton, Cleveland, and other Ohio cities barring cooperation with federal authorities fulfilling their duties under the law. The […]


MattLynchFilingFormer Republican State Representative Matt Lynch today filed his petitions for the 14th Congressional primary to be held on March 15, 2016. Lynch had announced last June that he intended to challenge Republican incumbent Dave Joyce for the seat. “Congressman Joyce is the poster child for what’s wrong with Washington”, Lynch said, “Joyce has consistently voted with the lobbyists and political insiders and every Conservative group has graded him with an F”. In 2014 Lynch ran […]

Rally for America: Citizens Rising Against Amnesty

A rally about immigration reform will be held Saturday, September 7th at 2p.m. in West Chester, OH.  Our purpose is to let the House leadership, and by extension all House members, know that we do not want the Senate Comprehensive … Continue reading

Dennis M. Lynch, Illegal Immigration Filmmaker, Gives Instructive Talk in Cincinnati

Dennis_Michael_LynchGuest column from Ohio Liberty Coalition Board member Carol Bicking. On Tuesday evening, August 20, filmmaker Dennis Michael Lynch wowed a Cincinnati audience of about 200 with remarks on why illegal immigration is bad for America.  Interspersing his 90-minute, factual presentation with clips from his latest movies, Lynch admitted he was touring the country prior to the House of Representatives’ discussions of comprehensive immigration reform.  Lynch sees the fallacy of the Senate’s Gang of Eight [...] Continue reading

Rally for America: Citizens Rising Against Amnesty

Part of the ‘We are America Tour’ Date:  Saturday, September 7th @ 2pm Location:  The Square @ Union Centre  9285 Centre Pointe Drive West Chester, OH 45069 RSVP Here! – The site of the rally is in Speaker John … Continue reading

Sign Letter to Speaker Boehner on Immigration

Ohio Liberty Leaders Expect Speaker Boehner to Stand Strong on Immigration Reform Letter Signed by over 120 Liberty Group Leaders Join Them! Click here to read the letter that was written to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, from over … Continue reading

Black American Leadership Alliance – DC March for Jobs/Rally on Immigration

Bus Leaving West Chester: Sunday, July, 14 – Rally-July15th For more information and to sign up here in Southwest Ohio contact: Dick at  or call 513.314.0561 Confirmed speakers for this rally include:  Allen West, Leah Durant, Frank Morris, Congressman Mo … Continue reading

Amnesty – All Out Fight

US_House_of_RepresentativesA message from Jim Woods from Medina County Friends and Neighbors: Last week the “Immigration Reform” (amnesty) Bill SB744 was reported out of committee by a lopsided majority and is headed to the floor of the Senate.  The radical Left is pulling out all the stops to get amnesty passed, with the intent of tilting [...] Continue reading