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Tax Increase Possibilities in Hamilton County

Constant vigilance. We must always be watching our government. There are a few things on the horizon that I want to make sure you have the facts ready to pounce […]

Cincinnati Tea Party Tax Day Event – Return to the Constitution

Join the Cincinnati Tea Party for their Annual Tax Day event. This year join us as we 'Return to the Constitution."

Cincinnati Tea Party 2016-03-09 09:30:18

When you go to the ballot March 15th you might be a bit confused. There is an issue with the Presidential primary ballot. Last year, the Republicans in the Ohio […]

State Central Committee – Most important vote in the primary

State Central Committee is the most important vote you will make in the primary. Make sure you know your candidates.

If you are a woman in Hamilton County, we need you

If you are a Hamilton County, Liberty Minded woman, we need you to run for State Central Committee.

Get ready to vote on Ohio Issues

The poll are open for early voting at your county Board of Elections.  As you prepare to vote this weekend or on Tuesday, read up on the issues you will […]

Understand the Ohio Ballot Issues in under 30 minutes

Learn about the three statewide ballot issues facing voters in an interview with Maurice Thompson, Executive Director of the 1851 Center for Constitutional Law.

This is the way we change the country

A huge rally in Columbus Halloween Day . Learn about Central Committee in Ohio. Also, all the events in Cincinnati this week.

Ohio conservative candidates can get matched up with conservative PACs

FB_Logo1Are you a conservative candidate or do you know of a conservative candidate that could benefit from assistance or an endorsement from the many conservative PAC’s located throughout Ohio? If so then please go to Your Name On The Ballot web site and sign up for their registry. Two great features added to the YNOB is a registry for Conservative PACs and a registry for Conservative Candidates.  The goal of these registries is to help […]

The Constitution is our Center

The Constitution is our center. All of the problems in our nation would be solved if we studied the wisdom of our founding. Immigration…one of the core competencies of the […]