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New Statewide Right to Life Group Attracts National Support

Since the announcement in March 2017, of a new statewide Right to Life organization in Ohio, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio, the newly formed organization has made enormous strides towards redefining the abortion and family-first strategy for this battleground state.  The group has already held two of five regional informational meetings to roll out their policy and guiding principles. Ed Sitter, President of the organization, stressed the focus of a bottom up approach, where […]

Timken Defeats Borges Dramatic Upset for Ohio Republican Chair

Jane Timken AKRON – Tom Zawistowski, President of the We the People Convention, today congratulated Jane Timken for her dramatic upset victory over incumbent Matt Borges for the powerful position of Ohio Republican Party Chairperson. The original vote was 33 for Timken and 32 for Borges with one State Central Committee member not in attendance. A total of 34 votes was required for either of the candidates to win outright. After a second vote, which […]

Ohio Cities’ Pre-Sale Home Inspections Unconstitutional

1851CenterLegal Center moves to protect Ohioans’ property rights from unlawful searches and fees statewide Columbus, OH – The 1851 Center for Constitutional Law today moved in federal court to immediately enjoin Ohio cities, and the Cities of Bedford and Oakwood in particular, from enforcing “point of sale” and “presale” programs that require citizens to endure and pass arbitrary and warrantless government inspections before they can sell their homes to even the most informed and willing […]

Toledo Tea Party passes resolution condemning the Iranian Nuke deal.

Resolution_1503_TallThe Toledo Tea Party board of Directors held an emergency meeting this afternoon to discuss the ramifications of the upcoming Senate vote on the Iranian Nuclear deal. Prior to the Senate taking up ratification of any treaty, it’s their responsibility to perform due diligence as to how the treaty will effect the United States of America. A major concern is the ability to verify the conditions of the agreement.  Iran has a long history of […]

Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Data

safe_imageToday Opportunity Ohio, a free market think tank in Columbus, released state salary information on its website for 2013.  The transparency tool allows you to search for individuals by name or department.  Read the press release from Opportunity Ohio below for more details, and check the database out here:  State Salary Search.   PRESS RELEASE March 14, 2014        Contact:  Matt Mayer, 614-636-2663   Opportunity Ohio Releases 2013 State Salary Information in Searchable Database  Today Opportunity […] Continue reading

New Poll Shows More Ohioans Blame President and Senate Democrats for “Shutdown” than Republicans

SurveyFrom: Ohio Conservative Review PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Saturday, October 5, 2013 Contact: Adam Josefczyk, Adam [at] ohioconservativereview [dot] com 513-720-6463 Columbus, Ohio – Today, the Ohio Conservative Review ( conducted an automated telephone poll of 514 Ohioans which showed that more Ohioans blame President Obama and the Democratic Senate for the Government “shutdown” than blame Republicans by a margin of 35.03% to 33.66%. Equally significant, the poll found that 31.31% of Ohioans […] Continue reading

Opportunity Ohio Releases Levy Calculator & School Data Tool

imagesToday Opportunity Ohio released a new transparency tool to help citizens hold their school districts accountable for spending choices.  This tool will be especially valuable to homeowners as they try to figure out how money proposed levies will cost them annually.  The tool also contains fiscal information for each district.  Please check out this groundbreaking tool here. Below is the press release that Opportunity Ohio sent out earlier today: Contact:  Mary McCleary, 614-636-2663 Opportunity Ohio […] Continue reading

Opportunity Ohio Releases 2012-2013 Teacher Salaries

dodlOpportunity Ohio released new K-12 teacher salary data this morning.  Check out their website to search the database.  This information is especially important as many school districts are asking taxpayers for additional money in November.  Generally speaking, employee compensation accounts for about 80 percent of any district’s expenditures.  Also, keep in mind that most school employees only work about 180 days per year, whereas the normal work year consists of 260 days. PRESS RELEASE September […] Continue reading

Statewide Rally to Defund Obamacare – Tuesday 8/27

Pullining_the_plug_3This is our last chance to pull the plug on an unwanted and unpopular law that promises to change America forever. We must ‘speak’ our opinion to U.S. House Speaker and Ohio 8th District Representative John Boehner, “No funding for Obamacare.” Let your voice be heard in Troy, OH on Tuesday, August 27th. Real Clear Politics average polling shows Obamacare is now opposed by a margin of 51% against to 39% in favor (link). Voters in [...] Continue reading

Ohio Liberty Leaders Expect Speaker Boehner to Stand Strong on Immigration Reform

A message from Ann Becker, President of Cincinnati Tea Party:

Letter Signed by over 120 Liberty Group Leaders

Join Them!

On Monday, a letter was submitted to the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, from over 120 Liberty Group leaders from across Ohio.  In the letter, it is stated that the Liberty Leaders expected the Speaker to reject the U. S. Senate immigration legislation which does not provide a solution to the illegal entry problem and to pass legislation that stops illegal immigration before addressing other related issues.  Read the letter here.

Letter writer and Cincinnati Tea Party President Ann Becker stated, “Speaker Boehner is my Congressmen.  I expect him to stand strong against the Senate Immigration Bill.  This bill does not solve the problems we have regarding immigration in this country.  I expect a lasting solution so my children will not have to take on this issue in another 20 years.  This is a line in the sand for me.  I expect the Speaker to hold strong and not bring the Senate bill to the floor.”

We want all citizens to have the chance to sign the letter and let their voices be heard.  Click this link to sign the letter.  The letter will be delivered to Speaker Boehner’s office next week.

Yours in Liberty,
Ann Becker
Cincinnati Tea Party