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BREAKING NEWS!!  Commissioner Chris Monzel’s Statement on Common Core! Leadership is Contagious!!




Anderson Tea Party Friends,

In Newtown, OH, last night at the presentation of “Common Core – What Every Parent Should Know” hosted by Citizens for Community Values, Hamilton County Commissioner Chris Monzel delivered his “Statement by Commissioner Chris Monzel on Common Core State Standards” dated July 14, 2014, as follows:   

“As Ohio prepares to join a roster of states implementing Common Core State Standards, I wish to add my voice of opposition to those of concerned citizens and public officials throughout the country seeking an immediate repeal of common core and its attendant collection and distribution of data on Ohio’s children. As a father and a public official, I believe that both education and government is most responsive when closest to those being served or represented. Consolidating power in Washington is not the answer. Education must be returned to the states where they may function, once again, as laboratories of innovation. Ohio is fighting a battle of conformity and standardization over freedom. Expanding educational choice and freedom should be our goal.”  

Chris Monzel 

Hamilton County Commissioner 

See his statement here . 

We applaud Hamilton County Commissioner Monzel for his bold leadership in publicly rejecting Common Core standards in education. Commissioner Monzel’s stance is affirmed by the RNC’s position in their 4/12/13 Resolution rejecting Common Core (see here) ) and by the Hamilton County Republican Party which adopted the RNC Resolution. Additonally, Clermont, Warren, Washington, Greene and Guernsey County Republican Parties have adopted the RNC Resolution. Commissioner Monzel also joins the ranks of these other Ohio public officials who have condemned Common Core: 

Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel

U.S. Congress Member Steve Chabot

U.S. Congress Member Bob Gibbs

U.S. Congress Member Bill Johnson

U.S. Congress Member Jim Jordan

U.S. Congress Member Robert Latta

U.S. Congress Member Brad Wenstrup 

25 Ohio State Representatives who have signed the Discharge Petition for the HB237 Full Repeal Bill, including Reps. Andy Thompson and John Adams who are leading the way:    

We express our gratitude to Commissioner Chris Monzel for his leadership in standing firmly on the foundational principles and values that preserve liberty. We look forward to other local public officials following his lead! Please send your personal thanks to him for being a role model locally, to  

Learn more about Common Core on 7/22/14 and 7/29/14at the Stop Common Core live event “WE WILL NOT CONFORM” to be simulcast in selected theaters across America. Heidi Huber, founder of Ohioans Against Common Core, will be on the grassroots panel live in Dallas alongside national champions of Full Repeal of Common Core, including Michelle Maulkin and others 

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Truth Always Triumphs! Leadership is Contagious!  

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