Do we really need more park land?

We have all heard rumors of what may be coming to Beech Acres, and some of us have even received survey phone calls, but the main question relevant to the discussion is do we really need more park land? I have been an Anderson resident for many years and take great pride in our parks, but we truly have enough. You lump in the county parks and it could be argued, we have too much. The current request from the parks department to not only purchase Beech Acres, but also to raise an additional 20 million is a bridge way too far. I am just now adjusting to the new school levy and here comes the parks department with their hands out? I am sorry this is too much. I understand wanting to protect the Rec plex and an the township has offered a plan to do just that. This plan seems to have been rejected by the parks department. If you want to comment on this, please consider coming to the April 16th Trustee meeting and speak out at public comments portion. I am planning on telling the parks board what I think of this plan to basically spend all the money they hope to raise on one park and facility, and ignore all the other parks that are in different stages of development. This is simply too much.

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