Historic! House Freedom Caucus endorses Webster for Speaker: Will Reps. Wenstrup and Chabot?

Rep. Daniel Webster (R-FL) has been endorsed in a historic move by the Freedom Caucus for Speaker of the House, deeply complicating McCarthy’s bid to replace John Boehner.

Constituents have been waiting for this since 2010!
Ask Representatives Wenstrup and Chabot to vote with the Freedom Caucus for Speaker of the House.
Rep. Wenstrup: (202) 225-3164
Rep. Chabot: (202) 225-2216
In a statement announcing their endorsement, the Freedom Caucus said “our constituents will simply not accept a continuation of the status quo” and that “under the present circumstances and without significant changes to the Conference leadership and process, [Daniel Webster] would be the best equipped to earn back the trust of the American people.”
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Why are Congress Members afraid to unshackle themselves from the Establishment Plantation??

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