Know the Judges – VOTE November 4 and SHARE this

PAPPY Yard (1)-page-001Below is a summary of why judges matter and a list of Judges supported by liberty groups in Hamilton County.

Why Judges matter:

·       only a judge can grant a divorce

·       only a judge can confirm an adoption

·       only a judge can order a termination of parental rights

·       only a judge can sentence a defendant

·       only a judge can order a person to be executed or impose the ultimate sentence

·       only a judge has, literally, the legal authority, the power, to determine whether a person lives or dies

·       only a judge can declare a law of the United States, or any of the states, unconstitutional

Just consider the life altering duties, the inherent authority, and the ultimate power we hand to our judges every day.  And yet, how many of our citizens even know who the judges are in our community?  These are the judges whose daily decisions, directly, unequivocally, and forever, determine the lives of millions.

VOTE on Nov. 4th or by absentee ballot- know the names of the judges for whom you want to vote and vote DOWN THE ENTIRE BALLOT for constitutionally conservative judges.  The election of judges should matter to all of us!

The ballot will not show the party affiliation of Judges. 

For a list of Judges supported by liberty groups in Hamilton County, click here.  Please print a copy and take it to the polls.  Also, pass this list along to your friends.

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