Meet Matt Bevin and let’s get started !!!

rinoAnderson Tea Party Friends, ‘TIS THE SEASON…. ….FOR RINO PURGING!!! NOVEMBER 14, 2013 AT 7 p.m. ANDERSON TEA PARTY MEETING ANDERSON CENTER 7850 FIVE MILE ROAD CINCINNATI, OH 45255 ***NOTE: Seating is LIMITED to 200, and is on a first-come, first-served basis***** 

Tired of elected Republicans declaring war on the conservative members of the Republican Party?

  • Wish elected Republicans would spend just half of that energy fighting progressive Democrats?
  • Tired of waiting for elected Republicans to articulate a message of liberty?
  • Feel like your conscience and liberty are being assaulted daily?
  • Want proof that the Tea Party is not racist, but believes that all men are created equal? 

If you answered “Yes,” then come to our next meeting, and bring along your friends who are fed up with Republicans and Democrats (i.e. The Political Class)

Meet Candidate for Senate, Matt Bevin (R-KY).  

Meet Candidate for U.S. Congress, J.D. Winteregg (OH-08), 

Meet Alan McIntyre, of the Frederick Douglass Republicans and the Low Information Voter Project, 

Meet YOU, the answer to “how do we take back America?” 

Mark you calendars now!


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