Stop the Plunder in the Park!! Attend Trustee Meeting 4/16 at 6 pm

“We might as well do it for the larger amount and get what we want done if it passes,” (Anderson Twp. Park Board Commissioner) Herking said in an article appearing in the Community Press on April 10, 2015. The same article quoted him saying,  “Board member Rob Herking said that he hates taxes.”

Democrats, Republicans and Independents agree:  Paying $25 million for a $9 million dollar property is senseless. Who would do that?!? Look at the Park Board’s own levy summary~

Capital Improvements 2015 04082015 – Page 1-2

Marked in red on the above levy summary are the 6 possible levies the Park Board submitted, ALL BRINGING IN MORE than the purchase and renovation costs needed:

.6  mills / 15 years / Generates $11,022,900
.7  mills / 15 years / Generates $12,860,055
.7  mills / 15 years / Generates $17,146,740
.8  mills / 20 years / Generates $19,596,280
.9  mills / 20 years / Generates $22,045,800
1.0 mills / 20 years / Generates $24,495,340

We must ask, “Why is the Anderson Park Board presenting a 1.0 mil property tax levy for 20 years as a necessary expenditure to purchase property that costs only $8,770,006 to purchase AND renovate according to their data?”   The levy they plan to request is a subterfuge to raise an additional $13 million for their “wish list” of projects, both for Beech Acres and the other parks.

Anderson residents have an opportunity to express concerns about the amount of the proposed levy on THURSDAY, APRIL 16 AT 6 PM at the Anderson Township Trustee Meeting, 7850 Five Mile Road.

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