Thank you to all who volunteered and all you momma bears.

A special thank you to all who volunteered and walked precincts and worked polls. This is the way we get things done. Start locally. Many of our candidates did quite well locally and that is only because of you. We were fighting a combination of forces from Columbus and democrats this election. There are many stories of democrats voting in GOP primaries, especially in northern counties. That is who and what we are fighting. Because of the herculean effort of a few super women, we fought back the tide here in southern Ohio and Anderson Township. You know who you are, you do it not for fame, but for family and country. Some doofus just this week wrote a op ed in the FHJ and mentioned the TEA party is sexist or something like that.  What a dope. The only TEA this dope knows is the kind with or without sugar. Our women are our best asset. They felt their children threatened and the momma bears came out in force. Lesson to both political establishments, don’t mess with a momma bear. Rest, and get ready. We start all over again this fall. Beat the progressives!!

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