Useful links for information and Action

One of our members has provided some good links for you all to try. We agree and leave feedback for more:

Here is a brief list and rundown:
LUCIANNE.COM {My personal favorite} Assorted articles from several media sources: including NYT, Washington Post, AP, Reuters, Canada Free Press, UK Telegraph, Haaretz, and some local newspublications as well. FIRST line is name of article and sourcing; brief 1-2 sentence intro from article; snip – shorter interpretation of what’s stated; and finally, blog comments follow the article — these are priceless in that they will advise whether article is even worth reading; covers many different viewpoints and offers the pulse of the moment — invaluable to read and process this communication and astute observations, most of all. Finally, an option to click on the article itself.
BIG GOVERNMENT.COM Andrew Brietbart’s collection of “BIG”s” has great commentary on many facets of our world. Articles are listed; commentaries made; reader intensive; some great writers/columnists here.
DRUDGEREPORT.COM Taking the pulse of everyday political societal entertainment and just wacky developments, foreign and domestic. Many one-lined teasers leading to an article which may/may not have its own list of blog comments following. Reporting comes from all sources — his is a headline grabber’ up to the minute reportage site
MICHAELSAVAGE.COM As a real libertarian conservative, and fearless media commentator, Dr. Savage’s website is a collection of articles gleaned from several media sources. Click on the article name to read/view the article.
INVESTORSBUSINESSDAILY.COM Cartoonist Micheal Ramirez for starters. Good Writing Staff.
FRONTPAGE.COM Published by David Horwitz; Robert Spencer, Andrew Klaven, many others. Protection of Israel, Jihad, more.
DEBBIESCHLUSSEL.COM Fearless jihad-watching attorney, living in Detroit, monitoring the P.C. of our nation to our own demise with the denial that terrorists live and engage in criminal activites among us. {I receive this column daily – and I totally appreciate and respect her honesty, commentary and outright bravery!}
DICKMORRIS.COM A brilliant politico if ever there was one!!! Masses of experience. And well stated ideas/commentary/information.
ANNCOULTER.COM Brilliant writing, biting humor, and thorough examination of all things political, conservative – edge.
CANADAFREEPRESS.COM NO American agenda…just brilliant writing typically. Love Judy McLeod, others.
UKTELEGRAPH.COM James Dellingpole, Niles Gardiner, among many others.
The beauty is all it takes is a click to see these selected sites and to measure their importance – easy – stacked up against the agenda/bias heard/seen on television, both primetime and cable outlets. Let’s face it, if it is television, it is all about ratings. And another thing, Fox News may be home to many R’s but it is also moving left…the ratings game again…so we must measure the true conservative messages coming from them…not so much these days! Allows you to find out what you can do, rather than just complaining. Check out your local politician or any politician for how they vote.

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